Nationwide Recycling exists to eliminate the need for landfills.

While most recyclers concentrate on recycling the "easy" materials such as corrugated cardboard, paper and metal, here at Nationwide Recycling we have made it our mission to target the high-volume, most-difficult-to-recycle, waste streams out there.

Nationwide Foam Recycling Nationwide Mattress Recycling

Foam Insulation

Box Springs
Upholstered Furniture

Nationwide Carpet Tile Recycling Nationwide Ceiling Tile Recycling

Carpet Tile

Ceiling Tile


These are the waste streams that even Landfills, Transfer Stations and Incinerators don't want. They are generated in massive quantities all across our land with only a very small portion currently being recycled.

Our engineers, logistics and sales professionals work tirelessly to develop and implement recycling programs throughout North America for these waste streams.

All of our programs are cost-effective, easy to implement and designed to save you money. We promise that you'll save money and meet your environmental goals.

In short, at Nationwide Recycling we live by one simple maxim...

Real Recycling, Real Results.


What Our Customers Are Saying

"I wanted to touch base with you about the mattress recycling... I appreciate the excellent service you and your staff continue to provide us." Washington State

"I thank you for the great service you have provided." North Carolina

"Just a quick note of thanks. We are extremely pleased with the Job that you completed for us... Four trailers (without a hitch).. a little transportation humor.. On a serious note.. Thank you again for a job well done." Arkansas

"As the owner/operator of a 65 room motel, we are extremely cost conscious, and we try, when it makes sense, to do our part on the environment side. As part of our recent renovation, we were able to recycle over 100 mattresses with Nationwide Mattress Recycling. They handled all of the arrangements for a work team to swap out the old mattresses for the new ones that we purchased. Just like clockwork! The new mattresses were brought to each room, the old mattresses removed to a box truck and at the end of the project, we had all of our new mattresses in place and all of the old ones on their way to be recycled! Not only did we save a few bucks, but they made it easy for me.

I know I'll use them again. Thanks Nationwide Mattress Recycling!" Pennsylvania

"As a large University, we have adopted "Zero Waste to Landfill" as a sustainability objective. In attempting to divert our sizeable inventory of used mattresses from landfills, we were fortunate to discover Nationwide Mattress Recycling. By incorporating their services into our renovation process our LCA has shown dramatic improvements and improved our Triple Bottom Line in ways that we did not think possible! " Chief Sustainability Officer - University New York

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